All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2003, the Guidance Academy of True Enrichment, Inc. is the academy that firmly believes in life-long, life learning for every family member


Our Mission

To bridge the gap(s) that hinder a strong, lifetime foundation for individual members of our families through educational trainings on how to utilize positive resources and leverage the information available getting the most out of life: socially, emotionally, physically, domestically, financially and spiritually therefore, building capacity.

All families need and deserve support. How much and what kind of support varies throughout life.
— Cornell University

Who We Are and What have we Accomplished

  • An extra-ordinary change agency that offer life trainings that are age and developmentally appropriate for all family members.

  • Biblical-based and believes that true enrichment only comes from God's guidance.

  • Offers interactive and hands on trainings, summits, and conferences for people of all ages throughout the year.

  • Offers assistance with individual family enrichment life plans

  • We have assisted individuals and families with the process of gaining homeownership through the money management series.

  • We have connected youth to positive resources that are helping them gain self-confidence in setting steps to reach their goals.

  • We have supported and connected many women ages 18 and up through a network that offers wise advice on entrepreneurship, balancing home & work, overcoming diverse obstacles, and being virtuous.

  • We have impacted the heart of families by assisting in bringing Bible Study back into the home.